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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How long do this insurance last?
A1. The insurance policy period is one-year-term. It will start on the day of your purchase and end on the mid-night of the last day of any month after 12 consecutive months.

Q2. How do I pay premium?
A2. Premium is just 1 % of sum insured.


Q1. Who is eligible for group life insurance?
A1. Anyone of sound body and mind between 18 – 65 years of age is eligible.

Q2. Does it need to take medical check-up when applying for this insurance?
A2. If he or she is over 45 years of age or the sum insured is more than 10 lakhs, it is a must thing to take medical check-up.


Q1. How do I claim hospitalization expenses when I am hospitalized after an accident takes place?
A1. You can claim these expenses from 3% to 15% per week. But, you need to provide full medical reports and other concerning documents.

Q2. After claiming a compensation for one time, is the policy still valid?
A2. During the validity period, if the compensation is not more the sum insured, the policy is still valid even after claiming a compensation for one time.


Q1. If the bite of poisonous creatures dangerous snake will be able to get insurance compensation?
A1. Unable to compensation if other poisonous animal bites except for the snake.

Q2. Receive snake bites treated in hospital for injuries after a cost benefit hospital or medical expenses, and later died, how can I get the compensation?
A2. Receive snake bites treated in hospital for injuries incurred feel death, and later died, the compensation earnings Medical hip offset those benefits to the rest of the money generated.


Q1. Travel accident insurance, can I claim for hospital costs?
A1. The cost of travel insurance, accident hospital for less than a hundred miles from the trip for a maximum of 3,200 MMK a week, and domestic and foreign trips to issue a maximum of 4,000 MMK a week. Would be up to a maximum of 52 weeks of benefits.


Q1. What is special travel insurance?
A1. Highway Speed Street, (100 miles) above serving remote, passengers who ride in vehicles Driving, Driver, Driver assistance.

Q2. How long will be term of insurance?
A2. Highway passenger vehicle travel destination arrival time. For those who travel by private vehicle travel destination arrival time (24 hours).