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Education Life Insurance


The aim of Education Life Insurance is not to worry about the Education for your children. It help from University to Graduation. If Insured person die or being Disable, his or her children can continue their education because of these Insurance.

A person who can Insured

You can Insured your life for the education of your children. A person between the age of 18-56years old who have good health can Insured for Education. Not only as a Person but also as a Legal Group can Insured for Education.

Policy Permanent Time

If you have already purchased for at least 3years, the policy will be permanent.

Insured Money

Start from at least 50lkhs to at most 1000lkhs

Medical Check-Up

A person who Insured for Education need to check Health

The Warranty of Insurance and Purchasing Premium

The Warranty of Insurance Period for Purchasing Premium
9 years Policy 5 years
11 years Policy 7 years
14 years Policy 10 years

Purchasing Premium

You can Purchase Premium as Monthly, Once in 3 months, Once in 6 months and Once in 12 months.15 extra days for Monthly purchasing and 30 extra days for other Purchasing. If you are absent for Purchasing within Extra Days, the Policy will be canceled.

The Benefits for Education

The policy of Education Insurance will be long lasting though the period of purchasing Premium is over and start from the day of after finishing premium purchase to the day of warranty of Insurance and every 1year of Insurance, 20% of Insurance Money will give back to you from Insurance Company. This is the Benefit for Education.