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Young Insurance Life

A person who can Insured

A farmer between the age of 16-60 who is healthy visually and their Families and Relatives or their Partner who work Farm together can Insured.

The Warranty of Insurance

The Warranty is 1year and you can also insured for Yearly.

The Amount of Insurance

Start from at least 1lkhs to at most 50lkhs

The Rate of Premium

1% of Insurance money

1lkhs for Insurance Money

The Premium Amount will be 1000

10lkhs for Insurance Money

The Premium Amount will be 10000

50lkhs for Insurance Money

The Premium Amount will be 5000

Benefits and Allowance

For Death

100% of Insurance Money

For Being Disable Forever

100% of Insurance Money

For a person who injured, the percentage will get according to the Recommendation from Doctor.

If a person have to go Clinic or Hospital, he will get 2000kyats for 1day to at most 5days for the Insurance Money of 1lkhs and he can get like that 3times in 1year.

Young Insurance Life

The Facts that can't get Benefits and Allowance


-Doing Crime

-Die for Alcohol or Narcotic Drugs

-Besoughting money by cheating

-The cost of applying deaf-aid

-The cost of Searching Diseases

-For the Operation like Plastic Surgery for Face and beauty

-Wearing eye glasses, Treatment for Teeth

-Doing face Surgery for Beauty

-The cost of Eye check-up and wearing eye glasses

-Treatment for Teeth