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Young Insurance Life

A person who can Insured

People who is between the age of 6-75years old can Insured for Micro Health Insurance. For young people, Parents can Insured for them.

Type of Insurance

It can Insured by Individual or by Group.

Warranty of Insurance

Within 1year start from the day of purchasing Premium

Insurance Guard

-Being in Hospital because of Disease
-Being in Hospital because of Accident
-Die because of Accident

Hospital, Clinic & Doctor

Hospital, Clinic & Doctor with the recognition from the Ministry of Sport and Health (At Foreign Country, Hospital, Clinic & Doctor who have License must have the recognition from related Ministry.)

Purchasing Premium

You must purchase Premium fully for 1year

Premium Rate

No. Insurance Guard Age Premium kyats for 1year
1 Micro Health Insurance 6-30 5000
31-40 5500
41-50 6500
51-60 8500
61-75 13000

Benefits & Allowance


Insurance Guard

Insurance Benefits

Reason for giving Indemnity

Money for Benefits


Micro Health Insurance

Being in Hospital because of Disease

Being in Hospital because of Accident

Being in Hospital with the aim of getting Treatment

Die for Accident

5000kyats for 1day in Hospital to at most 500,000kyats for 60days