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Young Insurance Life

Short Term Endowment Life Insurance

This Insurance is for the purpose of getting Indemnity when you meet with some unexpected cases or Collecting expected money after passing for a period.

People who can Insured

You can Insured your life and also you can Insured Mutually between Husband and Wife. Parents can Insured for their Children. The Age of Insured person must be 10-60 years old. Young people can Insured with the permission letter from their Parents.

Warranty of Insurance

Warranty of Insurance can be 5 years (or) 7 years (or) 10 years. For the age of 56-58 years old, the warranty of Insurance is at most 7 years and for the age of 59-60 years old, the warranty of Insurance is at most 5 years.

Money for Insurance

You can Insured start from at least 10 l khs to at most 500 l khs.

The Permanence of Policy

If you purchase Premium at least for 1 year, the Policy will be permanent

Premium Rate

For example_10lkhs of Insured Money (Purchasing Monthly)

The age of Insured Person 5 years 7 years 10 years
20 years old 15900 10900 7200
40 years old 16100 11000 7300
50 years old 16300 11400 7700
Young Insurance Life

Medical Check-Up

According to the Insurance money or according to the age, you need to Medical Check-Up. It must be only at the Hospital or Clinic that deals with Insurance Company.

Purchasing Premium

You can purchase Premium Once in a month, Once in 3 months,Once in 6 months and Once in 12 months. For the Policy of purchasing Once in a month, the extra days for purchasing Premium will be 15 days and for other Policy, the extra days will be 30 days.

Benefits that you can get

★ Fix year Benefits
★ Death Benefits
★ Benefits for being Disable Forever
★ Take the Change back
★ Can get Loan

The facts that you can't get benefits

★ Sucide within 1 year
★ Die within 1 year because of Disease that is already had since you bought Insurance
★ Being Disable because of doing yourself hurt
★ Being Disable because of Narcotic Drugs
★ Being Disable because of doing Crime