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Young Insurance Life

A person who can Insured

There is no limitation for age and sex. Everyone can Insured for Snake Bite Insurance.

Warranty of Insurance

1year Warranty

Money for Insurance

At least 5lkhs for 1unit to at most 50lkhs for 10unit

The rate of Premium

500kyats for 1unit

Benefits & Allowance


-500,000 kyats

Blind for a pair of eyes

-250,000 kyats

Palsy for half of Body

-250,000 kyats

The cost for treating at Hospital will get at most 80000 kyats

For Personal Accident, Insurance Money will be gave back with the recommendation of Doctor.
In the day of giving back benefits, you have to buy another 1 ticket for Snake Bite Insurance with 500 kyats Premium.

Young Insurance Life