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Young Insurance Life

The one who is insured

People like passengers, driver, driver's helper and driver's follower
who take an express that is driven up to(100)mile at Highway have a chace to get insure.

The Duration of Insurance

For the passengers who take an Express, the duration of insurance will be from the beginning of the itinerary to the end.

For the people who travel with their own car, the duration will be within 24hr from the beginning of the itinerary to the end.

Premium Rate

For a passenger who take an express, it will be (1) unit 300kyats

For the people who take their own car, it will be (1) unit 300kyats / (2) unit 600kyats

Benefits and Allowance

If someone die because of an accident he can get 30lkhs as an indemnity

If he get any injure, he can get indemnity at most 24lkhs depending on his injure and wounds.

Young Insurance Life
Young Insurance Life

The Improper Facts for indemnity

-The one who is already crippled and already have some diseases

-The one who has mental disorder

-The one who plan to suicide

-The one who make himself to get wounds purposely

-Child-bearing and Abortion

-The one who is associated in some dangerous cases

-The one who is illegal to law with the purpose of doing crime

-The one who use Drugs

-War, Boycott, Riot and National inconstant won't get any indemnity from insurance.